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Bubbler Clubs

Build confidence through progress

Social Clubs

Our club programs are a great way for people of all ages to practice VR and esports, and learn about Gaming and tech, get moving, meet new friends, and have some fun! Our programs blend entertainment with skill development in a safe, supervised environment

More Than Just Play

VR gaming is a gateway to developing critical skills. Beyond the fun, it enhances coordination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Our curated games encourage physical activity, teamwork, and imaginative thinking, all while ensuring a safe virtual playground.

Game Design club (All Ages)

Game Design club (All Ages)


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Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Are clubs for beginners or advanced players?

The typical club at The Bubbler is geared towards beginners and intermediate players. The coaches will make sure that every one stays involved and is having fun while learning the fundamentals of gaming and VR skills. Please inquire about high performance classes/lessons.

Is Virtual Reality safe for children?

Absolutely. We prioritize safety in our VR club. Our VR headsets are kid-friendly, and we ensure the content is appropriate for their age. Additionally, our sessions are supervised to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

What are the health and fitness benefits of VR?

Beat Saber is a great way for kids to engage in physical activity. It combines music and movement, encouraging kids to dance and slash the beats, which improves their physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, and rhythm.