VR Oil Painting Club

Discover Artistry with Virtual Reality: Dive into Oil Painting in VR

Here, artists of all ages can explore the timeless technique of oil painting in a clean, virtual environment. As well as learn about AI art generation. Join today to unlock your creative potential and be added to our waitlist!

A Club Exclusively For Artists Who Want to Explore Oil Painting and AI Art Generation in VR

Spark your creativity and enhance your artistic skills by joining our VR Oil Painting Club, where you can experiment with classic techniques and explore AI art generation—all in a virtual, mess-free environment. Make new friends and discover the fusion of tradition and technology in a fun, supportive setting!

Safe Community

Moterated by our Instructors

Weekly Meetups

Create together Every week for compound learning

Engaging Learning

Paint and showcase your virtual masterpieces and AI-generated art 

Make Friends, Create Art, Explore Innovation

By the end of the course, participants will not only have created their own virtual oil paintings but also gained valuable skills in artistic design and AI integration, opening doors to further exploration in the innovative field of virtual reality art.

Invest in Your Child's Future

$30 per session

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